Myers + Chang: An Asian Fusion Indie Diner Like No Other

Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers have truly altered Boston’s notoriously flat culinary landscape. First came Flour Bakery and Cafe, which seemed to instantly became the favorite lunch-spot of many, and then  Myers + Chang, a funky little Asian fusion indie diner on the edge of the South End. The menu is composed of a wide range of fun and innovative takes on classic dishes, influenced by Taiwanese soul food and Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Thai) street food. Each plateful is fresh, colorful, aromatic and extremely picturesque.

Nasi Goreng

This typically Indonesian dish is a combination of so many wonderful ingredients that it is difficult to decide where to start a description. The fried rice was toasted to perfection, mixed with very delicious scrambled egg, tender bits of pork and shrimp, and refreshing, tart pineapple chunks. The best part of the dish, however, was the fried egg which, when poked, melted its gooey yolk all over the dish and added to it a fantastically creamy thickness.

Dan-dan Noodles

These sticky noodles were perfectly cooked and delicious, slightly sweet and a bit nutty from the peanuts sprinkled over the top. The chili sambal, lime and the refreshing cucumber salad woke up the heavy, earthy flavors of the noodles and added great contrast to the dish.

Mama Changs Pork and Chive Dumplings

Cooked perfectly with a browned crispy bottom and a tender, chewy top. The filling, soft lumps of pork and bits of chive running through, was very flavorful and the peanut-soy sauce complemented it beautifully.

A fantastic dish and one I’ve never had before. Only slightly cooked (but maintaining a phenomenally fresh, crisp bite) and blanched carrot slices rubbed in slightly smokey, sweet and comforting red miso-based glaze. I would definitely recommend this side!

Tea-smoked pork spare ribs

The meat was incredibly tender and ready to jump of the meat as soon as I put it in my mouth. The pepper-crusted glaze rubbed over it was sticky and sweet with a bit of smokey spice and subtle herbal tea flavor.

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