Ooey-Gooey Gourmet Grilled Cheese at Grilled Cheese Nation Truck

Yeah, yeah I know. I have to try Roxy’s, it’s the hot new guy in town. I don’t work anywhere near Chestnut Hill, however, so when I want a gourmet grilled cheese during my lunch break, I head over to the Grilled Cheese Nation truck parked on the Greenway.

Brie Me Up and Gazpacho

My favorite sandwich here is one of their simplest, the Brie Me Up with deliciously fresh, local brie, slices of crisp yet velvety soft asian pear cutting the gooey cheese with its own tart zing on soft, crisp-crusted pain de mi bread. On especially hot, sunny days I get a bowl of their cool, home-made gazpacho to dunk my sandwich in. Crispy chunks of cucumber, red onion and bell pepper immersed in a cool tomato base with a consistency somewhere between that of a salsa and a soup. A wonderfully simple, filling yet light, always satisfying lunch.

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