The Wonderful Zingerman’s Delicatassen in Ann Arbor

On a road trip with friends to Chicago, we stopped at Ann Arbor, at the fabulous Zingerman’s Deli for some sandwiches and to visit an old friend who happened to be working there. I would recommend this to anyone passing through the state of Michigan. A huge array of incredible cheeses, goat milk, sheep milk, camemberts, cheddars as well as ham hocks, a variety of salamis and cured meets, marinated olives and loaves of house-baked bread. And you can sample ANYTHING you want! One gigantic sandwich menu raised up, stared at by many eager customers standing in one long line.

We got the Zingerman’s reuben. Incredibly juicy, moist, warm, very thinly sliced corned beef, a layer of melty, slightly stinky Swiss cheese, topped with a thick layer of tangy, slightly crunchy sauerkraut mixed with Russian dressing. All this slapped between two slices of rye bread and grilled. Incredibly satisfying.

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