The Truffled Mortadella at BDJ in Madrid

The perfect free sample proved irresistible bait on a Friday afternoon in Madrid, reeling my friend and me into a bocadillo bar named BDJ. We knew what we wanted before sitting to see the menu: more of whatever was in that bite at the door. And that bite was of a sandwich called the Mortadella Trufada. I got mine with a side of sweet potato fries and an Antiox blueberry smoothie. Those were fine too, but let’s get back to this sandwich.

Two slices of crispy-crackly and brittle “pan cristal,” dusted with flour over the top. Then a juicy and quite generous layer of truffled mortadella, with several slices folded over one another for texture. A thinner layer of peppery arugula for something green, plenty of creamy mayonnaise with a hint of Dijon mustard, and then a layer of crumbly Parmesan shards. Biting into the sandwich, the mortadella releases its earthy, truffled edge, which is not overwhelming, but just the right contrast to the nutty Parmesan. And then, an unexpected surprise: a burst of stewed fruit sweetness from bits of quince jam hidden below the mortadella. What?! So good. A sandwich with the perfect contrast of textures and flavors, the Mortadella Trufada at BDJ.

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