An Incredible Bone Marrow Dish at K.O. Prime

Bone marrow with citrus parsley salad and garlic crostini wedges on a bed of beef tongue marmalade at KO Prime.

Although very disappointed in myself for not being courageous enough to whip out a flashlight or use my huge EXILIM on 1600 ISO, much to the relief of my poor ex-boyfriend who had to spend nearly an hour of our date waiting for me to pick out 2 entrees and 4 appetizers as well as a wine matching each dish, at least I managed to capture some sort of visual documentation of this incredible dish. After a bit of work poking it out of the bone, the marrow melted like beef-flavored butter over the crostini, mixing with the fresh garlic glaze that coated the crunchy surface. It was an intimate moment as the marrow seemed to lock in the personal essence of the beef; it was almost like smearing the very soul of the animal onto a piece of toast. The beef tongue marmalade was smoky and tender although would have overpowered the marrow, were I misguided enough to combine them in the same bite. The citrus parsley salad, speckled with pieces of blood orange and grapefruit and thus way too well thought-out to be just a listless garnish, kept the dish light and added a delightful sour undertone. Very pleased.

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