The Oceanaire Seafood Room

The Oceanaire is a classic, spacious, upscale seafood room which prides itself on serving only the freshest, best quality seafood and printing a new menu daily based on what they’ve got in the kitchen. The sides match the entrees perfectly and are fantastic. Every bite I had here was memorable.

Oceanaire’s Surf and Turf

The freshness of the lobster and the high quality of the filet made this dish very good, although the preparation was not too creative. The lobster was buttery tender goodness, the claw meat was soft and smooth, and the tail meat had a juicy bite to it. The (in my case, rare) filet had a bright pink center and a nicely seared crust, although the seasoning could have been a bit more bold or interesting. I could also have used some sort of light, creamy herb sauce over the entire dish to pull the flavors of the lobster and the beef together a bit more.

Raw Oyster Platter

Deliciously fresh, briny and succulent. Only the best at Oceanaire…

Ecuadorian Mahi Mahi 

This dish was pretty much flawless. The mahi mahi was remarkably fresh (Oceanaire prides itself on always having only the freshest ingredients from the sea) and seasoned beautifully. The caramelized onions on the bottom were sweet and went very nicely with the flavor of the fish. The lemon butter brought out the sweetness of the fish and the garnish chives gave a great crunchy finish to each mouthful.

Sauteed Spinach

A juicy, buttery pile of soft sauteed spinach, sprinkled with salt. A very generous amount of not-too-oily, toasty roasted garlic mixed in. Charred lemons with beautiful grill marks adding citrusy sour and smokey grill flavor to the whole thing. A simple side dish with great depth and complexity of flavors.

Frisee & Blood Orange Salad

…with radicchio, warm bacon vinaigrette and toasted pecans. A perfect salad. The frisee and radicchio filled my mouth with a huge volume of crunch. The bacon vinaigrette gave a remarkable hint of fatty pork flavor without the fatty pork actually being present and gave a great depth to the dish. The vinaigrette also went perfectly with the pecans which has a nutty, briny oily flavor. The blood orange added a citrusy finish and lifted up what the vinaigrette and pecans weighed down.

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