A Sinful Side at Tasty Burger

The first time at Tasty Burger, my waiter suggested this side with so much enthusiasm, I had to order it. Within minutes I was confronted with a seemingly infinite heap of thin, crispy onion strings and (not hand-cut but still very crispy) french fries covered in your choice of cheese, (house-made) sausage gravy, chili or any combo of these. I chose the sausage gravy and I was not disappointed. The thick gravy oozed over the fried things beautifully and blanketed them with meaty flavor. This dish should be your last choice if you’re trying to watch your figure, but I thought the All-American sloppy sinful essence of the gravy fries/rings went well with the diner decor and complemented my burger perfectly. Since that first time I’ve gone back almost weekly for this late-night snack and it has never let me down.

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