Burger, Chowdah and a Brew at Boston Beer Works

It’s pretty convenient growing up with one of the best breweries in Boston right in your back yard. If you’re sick of the party-harty Lansdowne St. crowd, head over to Boston Beer Works for some great chow and some delicious craft beer.

Cambridge Burger with mushrooms and swiss, tomato, onions and pickles with a side of hand-cut fries. This was a deliciously juicy burger, slightly pink on the interior with a slightly smoky, char crust on the exterior. The sauteed mushrooms could have used a bit more flavor (or just salt…) but their texture was very satisfying. The fries were fresh, light and crispy, as hand-cut fried tend to be. They were seasoned with coarse salt which was also much appreciated.

Cup of Clam Chowder. I appreciate a good cup of clam chowder and am rather picky about this dish. Boston Beer Works’ version of it was pretty good. I really appreciated the hearty chunks of un-peeled russet potato and onion. The chowder was creamy and very flavorful. However, it could have been a bit thicker. The chunks of clam could also have been a bit larger in order to avoid the veggies overpowering the main ingredient.
Boston Beer Works Blueberry Beer
Yes, I know, it has fruit in it, its girly. But I’m a girl so it’s allowed.

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