Chorripan: The Great Argentine Street-Food

A 15 minute walk from my classes in El Centro is the picturesque waterfront barrio of Puerto Madero and not far from it is this avenida lined with yellow box-parrilladas with oh-so-fragrant charcoal smoke tumbling out the windows. It’s a place where men of both working and business class grab a fistful of napkins and roll up their sleeves to enjoy a lomito de bife, a hamburger or a bondiola and the incredible sauces they come with.

I had the chorripan, a (mostly late-night, drunk) dish I fell in love with while studying in Santiago. A thick, slightly sweet chorizo sausage with just the right amount (a lot) of smokey grease split in two, popping out of its crisp casing. A nice hunk of toasted roll to soak up all of the flavorful fat. On top of the meat I put a heap of simple but delicious parsley-garlic-oil sauce whose flavors made those of the chorizo pop out and shine as well as some other kind of sauce with more ingredients than I could count which was also delicious and slightly sweet. A perfect treat after a long day of class. I will be returning to this place very soon.

3 thoughts on “Chorripan: The Great Argentine Street-Food

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