A Silly Whiskey Drink at Sullivan’s in Palermo

Ok yes, I miss the dark, gloomy, shiny Irish pubs of Boston. A lot. I miss stools and flat screen TV´s with sports on constantly. And I miss whiskey. So when I saw a sign which read “Sullivan´s” hanging from a not-too-shabby-looking little place in Palermo Viejo, I absolutely had to go in and ask what the specialty was. This is what I got… A glass of Jameson with ice cream and chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. Other than being kindof a joke, this thing wasn´t too bad. The vanilla was real with little black dots, not “French” (whatever the hell that stuff is), and melted nicely into the Jameson, resulting in a Baileys-esque concoction that was smooth and sweet. I wouldn´t order it again because I prefer not to obscure the flavor of the whiskey, but it was nice to try it.

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