A Fantastic Curry in Borough Market in London

One of my all-time favorite places in London is Borough Market, located under the London Bridge near Southwark Church. This place has absolutely everything, fresh produce, delicious fish, cakes, cheeses and even prepared food. One stall, in particular, caught my eye. The curries. GINORMOUS round pans of them (a bit like some of the largest paella pans I’ve ever seen) and all different types, mild Thai curries, thick and spicy curries, sweet ones, red ones, green ones…

I chose this one – a mild, creamy curried chicken with carrots and potatoes, a truly hardy dish, warm and comfortable on a cold winter day walking around the city. The chicken was tender, perfectly cooked and juicy. Along with the veggies around it, it was inundated by the flavors of the curry. A slice of crusty bread came with this dish and soaked up all the delicious spices in a way only bread can. I actually preferred this combination to curry and rice. Definitely one of my best memories in London.

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