Turmeric Curry Shrimp on Patong Beach

A last night together with some old friends in Thailand. We needed to find something GOOD for dinner, and we did. Alongside the water, on Thawi Wong Road, can’t remember the name but it was 2 restaurants north of a place called Bikini Bar. We had some delicious farewell mai thais and banana daiquiris there and we discussed life and the different potential scenarios in which we may meet in the future. And I ordered this delicious bowl of shrimp in turmeric curry sauce.  The shrimp were crispy and sweet and split in the middle so that the incredibly flavorful curry could soak into the flesh. The sauce itself was a dark brown sweet curry heavily seasoned with herbal turmeric, brown sugar, ginger, garlic and a bit of chili powder, thick and syrupy and rich. I ate the shrimp, shell and all, just to avoid wasting any of this sauce. Another thing that made me love this dish? The fact that it was so heavy on the onions, sauteed onions mixed with the shrimp in the sauce and a generous portion of fried onion strings on top. And I do love my onions….

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