Bukowski´s Tavern: A Beer Joint with American Bar-Food Classics

Bukowski´s Tavern, a grundgey, cash-only beer cave located in Inman Square in Cambridge is known for their great craft-beer selection and cool environment. It is also known for its honest, American, bar-food classics such as onion rings, hot dogs and burgers. I went there to try these out. This is what I found:

THE GOOD… : Bukowski’s Ahi Tacos

It’s become evident to those who know me that I am a huge ahi fan and will order it in any form, even in restaurants which aren’t at all well-known for how they handle this ingredient. Like Bukowski’s. Bukowski’s is well know for all-American bar-food favorites: onion rings, mac & cheese, burgers and dogs. I was stunned and intrigued, therefore, when I saw such a light, colorful dish on the menu. My friends had already placed their orders for Bukowski classics so I decided to go for this dish to test just how versatile Bukowski’s can be. I was not disappointed. The tuna was seared perfectly and the quality and color of the fish was fantastic. The hotness from the jalapeno relish blended perfectly with the mushy, fresh avocado and the citrusy, crisp coleslaw, which provided a perfectly colorful bed of flavor for the ahi to sit in. The roasted corn was also a great touch and accented the tortilla and the jalapenos perfectly. All in all, a fantastic dish which made me appreciate the culinary ability and creativity of the chefs at Bukowski’s

THE BAD AND THE UGLY: White Trash Burger

  This “burger” was just kind of dumb. I would recommend ordering it as a joke if you need an ice-breaker on a date (something stupid to mutually laugh at) or if you’re on a mission to find and document the most ridiculous burgers in town. Do NOT order it if you merely want a tasty burger to gnaw on. First of all, this thing can’t even really be called a burger, since it is capped off by a slice of toast, not a bun. Second, there is no realistic way of biting into this thing and the unlucky eater is forced to take it apart, eating the o-rings as a side instead of in the burger (for which the PBR onion ring appetizer is a better bet). Third, the cheeseburger itself is kind of plain and it sits grumpily on the bottom, pushed down by the weight of the fried rings. There are a ton of interesting, cool burgers on this menu. I suggest skipping this one.

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