Posto: Wood Fired Italian Pizza with a Creative Flair

No one feels more contempt and disdain towards a plain, soggy pizza with boring toppings and a mediocre crust than I. In fact, too many late-night slices of the previously mentioned has lead me to a rather jaded view of pizza in general. I rarely ever order it. My dinner at Posto may have changed that in the course of a single night. Posto is a enoteca, trattoria and Neopolitan-style pizzeria all combined into one farm-chic, rustic yet elegant restaurant. Though their menu features a variety of delicious Italian classics, the pizza stands out and towers over these as the boss of it all.

Nonna’s Meatballs

The meatballs were deliciously tender and very flavorful. The tomato sauce was very rich, chunky and nicely seasoned with oregano and pepper. All in all this dish was great, although the mozzarella melted over the top was a little stiff and overwhelmingly chewy.


I had mixed feelings about this dish. While the braised beef was cooked to fall-of-the-bone tender perfection and had a great depth of flavor (no doubt due to its red wine marinade), the gnocchi itself wasn’t that great as it was a bit too mushy to stand up to the texture of the meat. The gnocchi pillows did, however, soak up the juices from the meat very nicely.

Brussel Sprout Pizza

This pizza was definitely my favorite one of the night. The brussel sprouts were crisp and had a great bite to them. The smokey strips of bacon added a great meaty flavor without making the surrounding fontina cheese greasy. The creamy egg yolk drizzled over the other toppings blanketed my tongue with a silky, warm sensation while eating each slice. The crust was thin and crispy but surprisingly not soggy on the bottom.

Pork Sopressata Pizza

Tuscano pizza with San Marzano, sopressata, sausage, red peppers, fior di latte, oregano and roasted garlic. A vegetarian’s worst nightmare but my meaty dream come true. All of the toppings were very flavorful and blended nicely. A perfect pizza.

Pizza Campania

The toppings of this pizza were great, the sour-sweetness of the apples harmonizing marvelously with the salty-sweetness of the rosemary ham. The cheeses provided a great creamy texture which contrasted very nicely with the fresh crunch from the balsamic-sprinkled arugula. However, although tomato sauce would have been a bit excessive, I did feel that the pizza was a bit too dry.

Pizza Margherita

The simple ingredients of this pizza (tomato sauce, basil, fior di latte mozzarella) combined to make this a wonderfully flavorful dish. My only point of contention was the crust which was a tad soggy on the bottom.

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