A Beautiful Boutique Enoteca Named Coppa

Coppa in the South End is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. 3-bite sized small plates of Mediterranean favorites, excellent charcuterie, cheese and wine. Here are two of my favorite dishes from the place. Excuse the quality of the photos as they were taken with my camera.

62Lengue e Acciughe

I really enjoyed this dish. The ribbons of smoked tongue were beautifully prepared and very well complemented by the salty anchovy. The crostini was crispy but not dry. This dish is a fantastic way to embark on your meal at Coppa.


Sea Urchin Panini

Sea urchin panini with tomato, mostarda and butter. The sea urchin, appearing in huge chunks throughout the sandwich, tasted very much like the ocean but still had a hint of sweetness in the aftertaste. The main ingredient was perfect, the tomato did not do much to complement it, as it did not provide much textural contrast (both are at about the same level of mushiness), or flavor (the sea urchin overpowered anything that the fresh tomato could have even potentially added to the dish) and ended up only diluting the urchin chunks and making the sandwich a bit too wet. The choice of mostarda as the main condiment was very unique and the fruity sweetness of it did complement the urchin pretty well.


A Special
Fois gras wrapped in beef tongue, garnished with seared duck pan-drippings, plump cranberries and apple cream-sauce. One word is enough here: HEAVENLY.


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