A Horrendous Transition: Airline Food

My transition from Boston to B.A. I felt the need to document this meal. It was pretty horrendous.

After learning the morning before my move to Buenos Aires that I would actually have to fly out….in 5 hours because of the impending doom of this Hurricane named Irene, after hastily packing my life into 3 suitcases, canceling my going-away party and making goodbye phone-calls from inside my gate, the one thing I was hoping for was the airplane food not to suck as much as it usually does. My wish was not granted.

United’s Chicken is by far the worst meal I’ve ever had on a plane which pretty much guarantees it to be the worst meal I’ve ever eaten anywhere. The chicken itself, bonelessskinlessflavorlesschickenbreast, which only the senile enjoy, had a disgusting, dull, gummy texture and no flavor whatsoever, despite the way too dried out, old rosemary springs sprinkled on top. It sat on a bed of mushy, salty but otherwise flavorless “stuffing” which added absolutely no excitement to the protein. The peas and carrots had about the same mushy texture and shared the lack of flavor with the chicken. The side of salad was bland, the lettuce old, with browned edges and the shreds of carrot limp and lifeless at best.

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