Airline Food is Not Really Worth Writing About

An explanation for why I’ve had writer’s block for the past month or so…

….I’ve been traveling just a little bit.

Disgusting for the most part, although I have to say that Lufthansa Star Chefs’ Greek Salad (?) with cucumber, feta cubes, black olives (kalamata would’ve been great…) and slightly pickled onion slivers was not half bad.

And, as you could probably tell from my Warhol of Yuck, the Bloody Mary – and by that I mean Mr. and Mrs. T’s Mix + nip of Smirnoff/Absolut (depending on the balling status of your airline) + salt/pepper packet – is always the way to go.

…Unless you’re flight gets delayed 7 hours in Miami, in which case I would go with the option of knocking yourself out with white wine. Read more about what I have to say about this great option here!

3 thoughts on “Airline Food is Not Really Worth Writing About

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