Whiskey and Jerky. Bye-Bye Boston!

Boston…I will miss you. And this is probably the combo I will miss the most.

Citizen’s Public House’s house-made Beef Jerky and a glass of Makers Mark on the rox.

Citizen’s has some of the best food in Boston but I unfortunately never had my camera there to capture them, mostly because I never PLANNED to go there, I just did…as an instinct… a lot. This photo, along with many others from various nights but of the same subject, is also taken with my blackberry camera. It is of my favorite nightcap in my favorite bar in Boston, conveniently located right next to the apartment where I grew up and lived this summer. A cool glass of smooth-as-all-hell Makers Mark diluted gradually by melting ice to the perfect density and flavor with a side of salty, smokey and chewy jerky flavored with ginger and soy. The perfect combination. One I will miss fiercely….

3 thoughts on “Whiskey and Jerky. Bye-Bye Boston!

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