A Humble, Lonely First Meal in B.A.

Empanada de carne + Empanada de questo y cebolla + 1L de Stella from Pizzeria Angélico

My first day in Buenos Aires was spent unpacking, setting up my room, running back and forth from the Disco to buy perchaschampú, convertidores, etc. As I know nobody in this city, as my roommates were gone for the weekend, as my sudden departure from Boston due to this hurricane named Irene, followed by a 13 hour cross-continental overnight trip left me too physically exhausted to venture beyond the confines of my new home, I decided to have a night in, saying belated goodbyes over fb and watching videos on youtube (no streaming beyond the U.S….). Upon feeling hunger pangs, however, I decided to order some stuff and quickly found Buenos Aires Delivery, an English language delivery service, and through it Pizzeria Angelica. I ordered 2 empanadas (about $1 each) and a liter of Stella to calm my weary soul. They arrived within 20 minutes, a grand total of about $7 for the entire order. The empanadas were great, the dough a little undercooked but I wasn’t picky. I especially liked the mozzarella that was used in the cheese and onion empanada, as it was higher in quality than what I would expect from a pizzeria empanada. The beef-onion empanada was also delicious, with hearty chunks of carne in a slightly spicy, salty sauce. Not great but not bad. Very comforting though, for sure.

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