A Feisty Tequila Bar Named Papagayo

Papagayo is an fantastic little Mexican restaurant and tequila bar that opened recently on Summer Street in Seaport, dangerously close to my office. The bar-wall is lined with hundreds of tequila bottles which serve as a base for many very unique margaritas. The food here is also great, although I will have to go back to try more of it as the drinks I had outweighed the dishes I tried here….

Table Side Guacamole 

Watching this talented avocado-hacker custom-prepare (Mild? Spicy? Medium?) your tasty dip table-side is almost as enjoyable as scooping up the stuff and shoving it in your mouth. The avocado itself was perfectly soft, flavorful and ripe. The guacamole had a vibrant green color and contained the perfect amount of lemon, salt, pepper and bits of tomato. The texture was velvety smooth for the most part with bits of ripe, oily avocado sticking out here and there. Endless refill chips to eat a very generous portion of the stuff with.

Alotes a la Parilla

Papagayo’s corn on the cobb is wonderful, if a bit messy to eat (especially after a few shots of tequila). Perfectly juicy round kernels lined with a fresh-off-the-grill smokey char, seasoned with crushed pepper, a creamy and thick yet refreshing lime aioli and a bit of tangy, soft Cotija cheese sprinkled over the top. I would definitely recommend this app.


Probably better in theory than in execution, but definitely a very picturesque and fun cocktail. A coronita tipped into and fully absorbed by a frozen lemon-lime margarita which when sipped up leaves a vacuum at the mouth of the beer bottle, allowing the corona to pour out of the glass. This is basically just a way to drink a rita and a beer back-to-back without wasting time in ordering the latter. It was, however, very refreshing from start to finish and the margarita was strong enough to make it well worth the price.

El Rey Tequila Flight

One shot each of Patron Blanco, Reposado and Anejo and one of spicy and slightly sweet, smooth tomato juice to chase with. A great way to try an aged, a medium and a “baby” tequila.

Frozen Tequila Snow Cones

Sticky-sweet syrupy snow cones of watermelon, raspberry, peach and pineapple. Four delicious, mini, icy-cool treats surprisingly heavy on clear tequila. Another creative, fun and delicious way to enjoy the hooch this place is so famous for.

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