After-Work Bar-Food at Howl at the Moon

Beer and bar-food after a seemingly endless workday. Where to do it? Well anywhere you can really. A frosty pint of fizzy brew and a warm, salty fried thing dipped in sauce in a dimly lit, comfortable pub feels like ambrosia after 8 hours parked in a desk-chair in a mercilessly fluorescent room in front of a screen full of mind-numbing spreadsheets and that always needy, high-maintenance Outlook inbox. I recently discovered Howl at the Moon’s half-off appetizer deal and am officially recommending it with enthusiasm. And the beers are pretty cheap too!

Black and Tan Onion Rings

Great Guinness batter coating, lightly fried and not too greasy. Thick, soft but not soggy rings of actual onion inside. A deliciously tangy Jack Daniels sauce to dip into. Served in a hollowed out 40. $2.50.

Jumbo Chicken Wings (buffalo)

Didn’t feel like I had to have an MD to finagle the meat off the bone; these wings and drumsticks were plump, ample and tender. The buffalo sauce was deliciously spicy with a zing and was coating the meat in a thin film of powerful flavor instead of just being poured on like the soupy, overly-dilute mass you will find at most bars in town. Bleu cheese was great too, glued to the sticky buffalo coating after just one dip (instead of sliding right off as it tends to when the sauce is too watery). Definitely worth $4.00.

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