A Beautiful Salad at Foumami

Japanese Seaweed Salad at Foumami

This summer Foumami became my favorite place to grab lunch in the Financial District and I owe it all to this wonderful salad. Romaine lettuce tossed in a tangy, delicious soy and chili vinaigrette topped off with a generous amount crisp, slightly oily, briny and nutty green seaweed, fresh and sweet sliced crab meat, creamy, nutty chickpeas, crunchy, bright green edamame, rounds of kirby cucumbers and slivers of red onion going through. I recommend mixing everything together so that each mouthful contains every ingredient as they harmonize together perfectly. The green flavors of the edamame go beautifully with the deep, smokey flavor of the soy-chile vinaigrette and the salty marine tones of the seaweed. Chewy, slightly oily but still very light scallion pancakes come with the salad, soaking up the moisture and adding yet another texture to the dish.

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