CajunCreole Spice at Border Cafe

Border Caféodio et amo. Hostessing here for 4 months, I hated the loud music, boisterous drunk clientele, disorganized management structure, pissy waiters constantly whining about sizzling-fajita-burns and that relentless CajunCreole food stench that bores its way through threads of clothing and pores of skin and inevitably marks you as a patron of the place for at least a week. Why did I stay for 4 whole months? Because the food is incredible. Fresh ingredients, boundless creativity with spices, seasonings and flavor/texture combinations, the comfortable warm lulling affect of each and every both emotionally and physically fulfilling dish. As an employee its what kept me there, as a guest it’s what keeps me coming back.


Crawfish Étouffée

This is decidedly one of my favorite dishes (especially on a snowy winter, day but obviously also on a boiling August one). Fresh rice smothered in a thick red of tender, slightly chewy, slightly stringy sweet crawfish, tomatoes, peppers, onions and tender celery, seasoned with cayenne, paprika and white pepper. Tons of parallel flavor layers combine to form a very deep, complex, Creole-comfort-food blend, leaving a comforting spice as an aftertaste and making that margarita disappear even faster. I would definitely recommend getting this as an entrée or, at the very least, an appetizer.


Strawberry Margarita

Sickly sweet strawberry smoothie with bits of frozen strawberry running through. With tequila. Get this one blended.


The Original

Delicious Texas lime margarita with cointreau and tequila. Simple with a definite kick. Get this on the rocks.


Filet Mignon Jim Bowie Style

The price for this New Orleans favorite never ceises to baffle me; and I’ve gotten it a number of times. Beautiful medallions of tender, very high-grade beef tenderloin sprinkled with tender little baby shrimp and slathered with a deliciously creamy, slightly citrussy, fresh herb sauce. Served with a generous heap of crispy, hand-cut seasoned fries.

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