Kitchen Shoot at Cuchi Cuchi

Walking into the kitchen of Cuchi Cuchi, a strange little restaurant on Main St. in Cambridge, I had no idea I’d be embarking on a globe-trot adventure. Creative and slightly crazy twists on classic dishes from every continent served on small plates (making it possible to try 4-5 of them in a row) surfaced from the line and were whisked away to no-doubt extremely satisfied guests. Featuring everything from Argentinian chimichurri steak to Russian stroganoff, from Indian lamb to a French gratin, this menu is truly an international roller-coaster ride. The glam-costumed waiters and the retro, antique setting adds to the cosmopolitan feel of the place which shakes you out of Cambridge and places you wherever in the world you want to eat on this night.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Shoot at Cuchi Cuchi

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