Mexican NumNums by NOLAchef

Have an event coming up? Sick of standing next to your smokeless asador for 5 hours and serving your friends dried out vacio? How about impressing them with some super-flavorful, vibrant and beautiful Mexican food instead? Street-food style sopes with black beans, pickled cactus or salty, spicy, hand-mixed chorizo;  braised beef or pulled pork tacos topped off with clove/all-spice flavored pickled red onion sitting on home-made, home-pressed corn tortillas; a grand variety of home-garden-grown chile salsas to drizzle over the top — NOLAchef has got it all. So put down them gosh-durn carne tongs already and add some spice to your life by trying out these delectable Mexican numnums (and this grilled chicken pasta dish which was also quite tasty-lookin’)!

2 thoughts on “Mexican NumNums by NOLAchef

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