Pin-Pan Chori Love from Back in the Day

Another elusive little folder hiding in my “B.s. old food” file (which doesn’t sound that appetizing, forgot the “-As”) gave rise to some good, old-fashioned yummy-pan-chori photos I took when I still thought they were the best thing in the world (now I think they’re just ONE of the best…) What I like about this series of images is that it starts with a zoomed in photo of the Palermo-park-parrilla from across the 6-lane high-way I had to cross to get to it. It’s barely visible, except for the white smoke wafting off the grill, smoke which I no doubt noticed from far away and to which the hunger pangs I felt forming in my stomach drove me shortly after.

There’s another sniper-like photo of the stand from closer up -I was either really bored, really uninspired or really into the idea of capturing the smoke emanating from the place. Maybe I just wanted to call some extra attention to my tourist-in-the-park-with-a-camera presence, so that when I eventually pushed through the mess of grim, working-class, normal folks in line to get their usual mid-day snack and literally stuck my lens into the smoke, snapping away loudly and interrupting the chorri-man’s work (you need to poke ’em, every once in a while) just to glorify this no-big-deal treat, I would get a bit more respect. High-five, October 2011 Lili! You’re an up-and-comin food blogger, aren’t cha?

These are the photos I eventually produced. Not bad but a little porfa-gracias action directed at the man in the apron would’ve gotten me a smiling face to go along with that hand. These look like choris de cerdo, so good for me for discovering by this point that they’re better than beef choris. Or at least that I like them more. Yummy…

The next few photos in the album are all virtually identical shots of the sausage-bread from virtually the same angle, and a pretty dull one at that. I think I was trying to get the focus right, but they seem to be right in all of them and I have not edited these so I don’t know… I’ve selected two of them to share. See if you can spot any difference between them. Maybe I was toying with finding the perfect bread-to-topping ratio to show? I don’t know… They look good though. Crispy-soft pork snausage split in two, slapped on kind of old-looking (but who the hell cares in this case) bread, topped with a few spoonfuls of chopped onions and a fair amount of chimichurri from that white squeeze bottle. I haven’t gotten one of these in a while, should do that before the prices go up to 20 pesos c/u.

2 thoughts on “Pin-Pan Chori Love from Back in the Day

  1. This takes me back to having choripan with my husband in El Caminito on our first trip to Argentina together when we were still dating (he’s Argentinean). The set up was much more basic and for a few dollars we got the most amazing choripan, a tumbler of red wine and an upside down crate on the sidewalk to sit on. There is no way any food safety agency here would allow such a set up (let alone selling alcohol without a licence) but that was part of the charm. It was so simple, so unpretentious and absolutely delicious.

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