A First Look at Hong Kong Street Food

Street food in HK ain’t bad. Or at least it has caused no problems thus far. My two favorites are the fish balls and the grilled octopus sticks. No doubt, I will have many more articles on street food in the upcoming weeks but for now, here is what I have found so far.

A typical stand looks like this – bins and bags full of anything you can imagine being poked onto a stick, deep fried and drizzled in sauce. Chewy dried seafood and balls of stuff.

Every once in a while you find a little meat place next to an indoor street food stand. This one specialized in pig heads and hooves.

One of my favorites so far, grilled octopus on a stick with spicy sauce. Tender, not at all chewy bits of octopus tentacles stuck on a stick and drizzled with a red chili sauce. Simple and delicious.

Fish balls – these are everywhere and I’ve had them a few times. Chewy little balls of fish meat boiled in a hot red curry sauce, pinned onto a stick and drizzled with a chili sauce. These are extremely popular here in Hong Kong, nearly every single street food stall sells them in large batches. They’re simple but, when you add PLENTY of sauce, quite tasty. Without the sauce they’re a tad bland…

3 thoughts on “A First Look at Hong Kong Street Food

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