Green tea with milk and black bean

Green tea with milk and black bean at the Bangkok airport BlueCup Coffee shop. A bit lame, I know, but worth a mention since it was the first green tea beverage I actually enjoyed. Now I’m hooked on the stuff.

This specialty drink was made up of equal parts green tea floating on equal parts milk which was poured on top of a thick scoop of thick black beans. The straw served also as a spoon with which I scooped up the chunky, delicious sweet bean goop from the bottom. The tea was also very good, not too sweet but at the same time not too grassy tasting (which is usually what I don’t really like about green tea). This is me at the airport about to indulge on this fantastic bevvie. I’m a bit tired of dirty old Bangkok and very much looking forwarded to the beaches and sunshine of Phuket.

A yummy, creative and probably even pretty healthy drink.

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