Not your regular island cruise lunch buffet. A meal on Kho Phi Phi.

An island cruise. A package deal because nothing else exists. Clever tourism. For 1000 baht each (34 USD), we took it. We figured shuttle transportation from our hotel in Patong to Phuket Bay would itself be worth that much as taxis just don’t exist in Patong and not finding one at 7 in the morning would’ve meant missing out on Kho Phi Phi. And you can’t miss out on Phi Phi Island….. After all that’s where The Beach was filmed and stuff.

Our 1000 baht package not only included this back and forth shuttle (which would have been around 2000 baht, realistically), but snorkeling gear, a sight seeing tour of famous parts of the island, breakfast and coffee on the boat, AND a lunch buffet on the island.

Now I know what you’re thinking and before you suggest the revocation of my foodie (hate that word) license, check this out. No hamburgers, not hot dogs, no  fruit salads. One bin of spaghetti with bolognese for the closed-minded douche. Otherwise this was a 100% Thai affair.

Clear broth summertime seafood soup with cabbage, green seaweed, baby corn, chewy-soft shrimp and fish balls and tender calamari rings, refreshing despite the humid heat on a summer day.

A super healthy clear Thai chicken noodle soup with glass noodles, fish balls, beansprouts and boiled chicken drumsticks, topped off with a bit of scissor-cut chive.

A spicy but not too intense Thai green curry chicken (made with Thai basil and coconut milk) with spring melon and chilies to spoon onto rice. A fantastic opportunity to try a traditional Thai curry dish.

Thin slices of cooked belly pork first cooked and then deep fried (mu krop) in a slightly sweet chili sauce with cucumber, sauteed onion, pineapple, baby corn, carrot slices and tomato wedges.

A slightly oily egg noodle with shrimps on the side just for kicks.

These things might have been made to look a bit more acceptable and exotic to tourists but they were, at the core, Thai classics and that made me very happy.
When in a pour country, opt for the package deal.

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