Salmon 6 Ways at FINDS in Kowloon

FINDS (FinnishIcelandicNorwegianDanishSwedish) is a really cool Scandinavian restaurant, located in the Luxe Manor Hotel in the TST neighborhood of Kowloon.  The place represents a juxtaposition of traditional, though reinvented, Nordic cuisine (the brainchild of award-winning Finish chef Jaakko Sorsa) with innovative, molecular mixology, within a sleek, comfortable setting. It also happens to be the only Nordic restaurant in Southeast Asia, with salmon (their star ingredient) imported fresh, straight from Norway twice a week.

I tried the “Salmon 6 Ways” at FINDS, Chef Jaakko’s unique signature. It’s a large plate with 6 different salmon prep methods portrayed in bite-sized portions, meant to show the incredible diversity in flavor of the fish. The first is a salmon roe on a bed of fluffy cream cheese, with a few little olive oil balls (made to look like the roe) giving it extra flowery flavor. The second is a cured salmon, the typical smoked gravlax, served with a wonderful house-made semi-sweet mustard sauce. The third is a mouthwateringly luxurious, thick and creamy salmon mousse served with a bit of crunchy brown bread. The fourth is a ring of cold smoked salmon, sashimi-style with a bit of dill topping it. This one was, I think, my favorite – simple, but the piece was thick enough to show off the beautifully plump, juicy texture of the salmon. The fifth was a pastrami salmon, pan-seared and rolled in fennel and black pepper, served with a radish slice and a citrusy avocado mousse to offset the peppery spice of the fish. The last was a thick piece of pickled salmon topped with a pickled baby carrot and a pickled pearl onion. The pickling liquid made the salmon very tender, the acidity from the vinegar cooking the flesh so that the flakes slid apart in layers in the mouth and melted momentarily. It is suggested to try these bites in exactly this order, from lightest to most intense. It was one of the most interesting things I have tried in Hong Kong and I will definitely recommend with enthusiasm to those looking to find a cool dining experience.

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