Chef Jeff Black’s Republic Opens in Takoma Park

Last week I attended a preview party for the newest member of Jeff Black’s Black Restaurant Group, Republic. The restaurant will soon become a Takoma Park landmark, providing residents with a casual-chic venue to enjoy as their own. The name “Republic” itself hints at the neighborhood’s nickname, “The People’s Republic of Takoma Park.”

In line with the concept of Black Restaurant Group, Republic’s menu features a variety of fresh seafood, but also heartier meat and vegetarian dishes for those with more of an appetite. While some menu items are borrowed directly from Chef Black’s other restaurants (Wood Grilled Oysters à la Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Addie’s Mussels), most of the menu is unique to Executive Chef and Takoma native Danny Wells’ culinary vision.

Since I am currently reviewing the menu for The Daily Meal, I thought I would add a slideshow of some of the things I tried at the party. An asterisk next to the title denotes that the item will be on the permanent menu at Republic.

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