“Egg” at Kaffebar in Nørrebro

On our second morning in Copenhagen, we took a walk along the water to Nørrebro, which turned out to be my favorite neighborhood of the city. Full of cute cafes, artisan ateliers and cool vintage shops, this place also seems to have a vibrant night life, with many of the city’s best bars situated within its limits. It’s also where Anderson (the guy who wrote “The Little Mermaid”) is buried in a beautiful, labyrinthine cemetery that serves more as a public park than a solemn place in which to remember loved ones.

Walking down a precious street called Elmegade and marvelling at the overwhelming Danish-ness of everything, we happened upon a place called Kaffebar. It was time for a second coffee and breakfast, and Kaffebar seemed like a nice place to get that done.

So, we took a seat and asked for three lattes, two with oat milk and one with regular. When those arrived (adorned with abundant latte art, as we have come to expect of Copenhagen), I asked the waiter if they served any food. He got his hands ready to gesture, as if getting ready for a long response to my question, which is why it came as quite a surprise when his response was, “Yes. We have….one egg. And some dark bread. And Comte cheese.” The three of us kind of stared at him, waiting for his list to go on, and when it didn’t we nodded and said, “Okay, two of those.”

It turned out to be a very pleasant meal, though a bit steep in price for what we were having. But the egg came perfectly soft-boiled in an adorable egg-holder with good salt lain gingerly on one side. The dark bread with seeds was dense, savory and satisfying, and the two large squares of cheese more than enough to top them. “Egg” was truly Danish minimalism at its best, seemingly scant on first glance but actually quite sufficient, without the frills… or bacon.

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