The Chicken Sando at Sons + Daughters

A 1-hour Chiltern Railways ride from Oxford Parkway to London Marylebone brought my Mom and me back to the capital for a day of sightseeing and mother-daughter bonding. See it, say it, sorted. We walked through Fitzrovia and Saint Pancras to King’s Cross Station and crossed the foot-bridge to Granary Square on the banks of the Regent’s Canal. I love this area. The sea of brick and the repurposed shipyard vibe makes me homesick for Boston, nostalgic for mornings spent walking along the cobblestoned streets of Seaport sipping a very-little-cream-no-sugar from Dunkin before my morning shift at Flour Bakery. It was maybe this “great bakery in a brick-bathed waterfront” association that led my mom and I to Sons + Daughters for lunch. The menu listed six sandwiches, each of which sounded delicious, especially the Egg Salad sandwich with miso mayo and truffle crisps, which my mom unfortunatley vetoed. We placed our order and sat at a table outside, taking in the in the vibe of the Coal Drops Yard shops as we waited. 

I ended up getting their Chicken S+dwich, which came with roasted roasted Swaledale chicken, soy-cured parmesan, pickled cucumber, gem lettuce, miso mayo, green sauce and wasabi cress between two slices of lightly toasted, fluffy bread. A very well-made sandwich, filling but light as a feather. I especially appreciated that the chicken was a mix of moist white meat and flavorful, juicy dark meat, which was quite obviously scooped from the bone by hand to keep the little lumps of flesh in tact. Thin slices of Parmesan added a nutty, umami touch and the crunchy folds of gem lettuce captured the miso mayo and fragrant green sauce nicely, hydrating each bite. Some olive oil flavored Torres chips on the side added a bit of texture. Meanwhile, the pickled cukes inside added the perfect hint of acidity. Great sando.

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