Bloody Mary Hunt in Boston

I like Bloody Mary´s. A lot. They´re high in vitamins, they´re filling, they contain hangover-alleviating, therapeutic vodka. They´re the perfect brunch meal. Here are some of the best I´ve had in Boston:

The East Coast Grill near Inman Square is my favorite place to get Sunday Brunch Bloodies in Cambridge. Why? Because it’s DIY. 22 oz glass with about 11 oz of vodka. Add house, spicy or clam-juice-mix tomato juice and choose between a ton of sauces, salsas and pickled veggies to top it off. I mixed a big heap of homemade horseradish into mine and topped it off with summer squash, pickled artichokes, pickled pearl onions and olives. It was a little busy but delicious.

The Classic at Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square is simple and satisfying. Smooth Sobieski vodka mixed with a very flavorful RHT mix and topped with celery. Sometimes you don’t need gimmicks…

….but sometimes you you do. The Piggly Wiggly at Russell House Tavern is unlike any Bloody I’ve ever had. Made with bacon-infused bourbon instead of vodka, this brunch-time booze packs a greater punch than the regular and has a much deeper, smoky-sweet flavor. The salty, brittle bacon slab laying across the rim echoes the undertones of the bourbon beautifully and adds great piggy-grease flavor to the tomato juice. Delicious.

Bloody Wasabi at dbar (get it?, it’s balls) in Dorchester. I know of no better way to get rid of a debilitating hangover than to stumble into this dimly lit oak bar joint, slump down on a stool, and have a friendly, understanding and forgiving gay guy make you this masterpiece. Deliciously spicy bloody mary mix, a generous portion of refreshing, clean vodka and wasabi (instead of traditional horseradish) stirred in, packing a fire-y punch, burning the inside of your nose, shocking your lymph nodes, making your face work once again. Forget iced coffee and aspirin. This is the real medicine you need.

The Bloody Dijon at dbar is a slightly milder, lighter version of this breakfast staple of mine, one with spicy bloody mary mix, vodka and creamy whole grain mustard mixed in. The mustard replaced the horseradish in this case and added a sharp, slightly vinegary kick to the drink which gave it a great layered depth of flavor.

The Black & Blue Bloody at dbar is a thick, peppery concoction with pungent crumbles of blue cheese suspended in it. The stinky, sour-salty flavor/odor of the blue cheese went very well with the slightly sweet tomato juice and the bitterness of the pepper. A very “realistic” kick in the db’s, for sure.

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