Hot Dog and Zigzag Fries at Sully’s on a Hot Summer Day

Sullivan’s (Sully’s) at Castle Island has been serving up dogs and crinkle-cut fries to a line reaching out the door since 1951. It’s a simple combination, one that costs only about $4.00, and I could not imagine eating anywhere else after throwing a football around (or at least watching the guys do so) on Carson Beach, basking in the sun or walking around the Sugar Bowl, chattering with my best friend.

Although the menu has expanded to include various fried seafood items, the dogs have not changed in 60 years: grilled, natural-casing Kayem “snap-dogs” in a soft, toasted bun served all around with mustard, relish and onion. I add ketchup but this is definitely not necessary. The crinkle-cut zigzag fries are deliciously crisp and salty with a golden brown hue and are the perfect side to this historic dog. How I miss this combo during the harsh Boston winter…

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