Hungry Mother: Plantation-Chic Southern Favorites

Hungry Mother is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. The atmosphere is that of a Southern plantation dining room: conservative, clean and elegant, while the menu is a fusion of comforting, delicious Southern recipes and New England ingredients.

Southern style cornbread with sorghum butter

One of the most interesting bread and butter dishes I’ve ever had. Brown sugar and molasses based grainy cornbread with sweet and spicy sorghum butter whipped to a fluffy, airy consistency. Delicious on a cold winter day.

Creamy grits with bacon grease and cheese

Who said you can’t get good grits in Boston? Well you can’t…except for at Hungry Mother. The grits here are a perfectly creamy, slightly grainy pudding that melts in your mouth and instantaneously fills you with warmth and love. The gooey cheese and bits of crispy bacon offer a great salty, greasy flavor and mix perfectly with the starchiness of the grits.

Ham and Biscuits (with pepper jelly)

A great little snack to munch on before your meal. Buttery, cheesy, yet airy biscuits served with thin slivers of smokey ham and a side of spicy, cool pepper jelly that melts over the hot biscuits beautifully.

Cornmeal Catfish Po’ Boy

Hungry Mother’s signature dish and I can see why, although it wasn’t perfect. Very nice, fresh catfish lightly fried with a crispy, grainy cornmeal coating, served with spicy and slightly sweet red remoulade sauce between two slices of airy toasted bun. Served with a generous heap of crispy “tobacco onions” (onion strings), lettuce and bits of blanched cauliflower. A very filling and satisfying meal indeed, although the toasted bread and coating on the fish made the sandwich a tiny bit dry for me.

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