Fresh Salads on a Hot Summer Day at Pasta Beach

Walking past Pasta Beach every work-day of the summer, I held an impression of this place being an extremely douchey, “mixed-Mediterranean,” Euro restaurant where senile businessmen brought their soon-to-be partners to impress them. I changed my opinion  drastically when my boss-ess brought me here on the last day at the office and I actually got to try the simple, fresh, delicious food.

Bruschetta with Olive taggiasche

A generous heap of salty, acidic, chunky olive tapenade topping a crispy wedge of toasted bread. A drizzle of flavorful olive oil on top. A very clean and simple way to start the meal.


Didn’t get to try this one but it looked delicious: baked eggplant, tomato and mozzarella on a bed of mixed greens with a side of citronette.


A delicious, simple salad with big, fresh slices of juicy, bright red tomato and thick rounds of hearty, beautiful, white buffalo mozzarella. Topped off with a sprig of fresh basil and served on a bed of crisp mixed greens with a side of thick and refreshing citronette to be drizzled over the top. Wish I knew how great this salad was before the last day on the job….

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