La Fabrica del Taco – Yummy Mexican in Palermo

La Fabrica del Taco is a cute little Mexican restaurant in Palermo. Their drinks are great; their tacos hit the spot. The tortillas were fresh and moist, the meat tender and juicy and the seasoning wasn´t bad either. Apparently the place is a popular one as we saw a line form and gradually lengthen just after we had ordered. Definitely a great place to catch up with friends and get ready for a night in Palermo.

The Campechana was what was recommended to me by the waitress when I, lost in both variety and translation, asked her ”Que lo mejor?” My friend (who changed her order upon hearing this response) and I were left more than content. A layer of smooth, gooey cheese topped with tender bits of carned asada (steak) and super-flavorful pastor (pork marinated in a sauce of red chiles). Just the right amount fat to make it slightly moist. In this case, the extra salsas picantes on the side weren´t even necessary, the taco was already very flavorful.

The Carne Asada was also very good. The beef was, as I´ve come to expect from all beef dishes in Argentina, perfectly juicy with a great depth of flavor. However, it wasn´t seasoned well enough and required a lot of the side sauces to make it interesting. The salsas available were fantastic, however, so I did not mind slathering them on.

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