Everyone’s Got One, My Favorite Panadería: Las Calas

On days when I want to spoil myself rotten (read: stay in bed watching Friends reruns on Cuevana in my pajamas all day), boy am I glad that there’s a place like Las Calas directly across the street. Open from 8 to 8 every day except Sundays, this panadería/cafetería serves up all those delicious little, daily-fresh, surprisingly cheap Argentine facturas I’ve come to love so much. The people working there don’t judge me when I burst in through the door wearing my pink Snoopy pijamas and uggs, gesturing frantically at their products, nor do they show anything but kind patience when I ask them what each and every single one of these sweet little numnums contiene. The pastries themselves never cease to satisfy and, what’s best, they are even quite successful in making the Nescafe I wash them down with taste a little bit less like sewage! Here are some of my lazy-day faves.

Pastelito membrillo: Delicious, paper-thin layers of crispy fried (though not oily) dough shaped like petals into a flower form and brushed with a sweet sugar-glaze (honey?). The bulbous center is filled with delicious dulce de membrillo, a slightly gelatinous,  jam-like sweet paste made of quince fruit, and is a pleasure to sink ones teeth into. A sickly-sweet, wonderful breakfast pastry, one definitely worth 5 times is 4 peso cost.

Palmerita: This one I was already familiar with before arriving to BA. I first fell in love with it in Lisbon and then kept ordering the pathetic, engorged, chewy day-old version of it at Au Bon Pain in the States. They’re awesome here. Airy and light, flaky and sweet with a very impressive crystal sugar lattice coating the top. I could eat these all day.

Medialuna con Dulce de Leche: A doughy, buttery sweet (but not too sweet) medialuna with crispy tapering edges, covered in powdered sugar, with a dollop of creamy sweet, caramello-brown dulce de leche in the middle. There is a perfect amount of filling, coating your mouth with the thick, smooth dulce without overpowering the much more subtle sweet tones of the pastry itself.

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