Bi Won: Superb and Accessible Korean Chow in Once

Turns out you don’t have to hike it all the way out to Flores to get a taste of authentic Korean food. Bi Won, an elegant yet super-affordable little gem located on Ave. Junin in Once, serves up Bi Bim Bap and Bulgogi which rival those found on any Carabobo hole-in-the-wall menu!       The banchan, tiny little side-plates of mostly pickled stuff traditionally served with Korean meals, are just as much an un-asked-for but granted introduction. Besides the invariably delectable kimchi (pickled cabbage with chilis, garlic and ginger), my favorite was the heap of stir-fried spinach stem with bits of whole anchovies running through it.
The Bibimbop was prepared table-side by a very friendly waiter who carefully folded the perfectly sticky white rice in with the sauteed onions, bean sprouts, daikon, and spinach, as well as the spicy-sweet chili paste and runny, warm egg-yolk which added moisture and held the whole dish together. I found this dish truly comforting, a warm bowl of sticky, hearty rice and veggies made with real care and attention to detail. 
I was equally impressed with the Bulgogi, which was arguably one of the best cuts of meat I’ve had in Buenos Aires so far. Having obviously been marinated for hours in a teriyaki-esque mixture of what I could make out as soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, garlic, and pepper, the strips of sirloin beef were incredibly tender and fell apart in my mouth after a single bite. This entree is also usually finished off table-side, but since we arrived only a few minutes before closing, the meat was prepped in the kitchen to save time. Still, it was exquisite and I would definitely recommend it.

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