Buffalo Wings at Casa Bar

Looking for spicy buffalo wings in B.A.? Casa Bar has got’em!

Made with  real Frank’s Hot Sauce and served with a side of real ranch dressing, this is one of those all too few cases in which picante on an Argentine bar food menu actually does mean spicy. I ordered my alitas (winglets) half rebozadas (breaded and fried) and half picante (drenched in sauce) with a bit of extra Frank’s on the side for good measure. Both the wings and the drumsticks were plump and juicy, a good amount of meat clinging to each tiny little bone. The breading on the rebozadas was crispy, light and very thin with very little excess oil. The picantes were also delicious, with the spicy, sweet sauce sticking beautifully to the wonderfully crispy skin. A generous portion of crudite’ (carrot and celery wedges) on the side as well as the cool, zingy ranch dressing I coated each bite of them with helped cool my mouth down after so much extra hot sauce. I felt right at home with each bite.

2 thoughts on “Buffalo Wings at Casa Bar

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