Dried Squid on Avenue of the Stars

A few days ago I was walking down the Avenue of the Stars in TST, enjoying a sunny afternoon with my dad and gazing at the Hong Kong skyline from the boardwalk, when I came across one of these squid stalls. Now, I’ve seen these around before. They pop up in places like Disney World, Ocean Park and The Peak, family-friendly spots where annoying little kids are inevitably begging their parents for something to satisfy their oral fixation with. Grilled and shredded squid is kind of like the cotton candy or corn dog of the West. Carnival fare.

The prep process is not a very complex one. The guy takes a thin slice of squid and passes it through an iron machine which grills the thing, while shredding it into thin strips. I’m pretty sure that even the flavoring takes place inside of this machine, whose two sides are probably coated in the seasoning that attach to the squid as it is squeezed through. If not, the machine definitely helps season in that it pushes the spices into the flesh as the latter is forced through.

What results is something quite nice. The flesh of the squid is actually way more tender and less chewy than I imagined it would be. It is grilled to a consistency similar to that of white meat chicken, soft and fibrous with a tiny bit of a gummy bite to it. The flavor is a mix of smokey grill char, a bit of sweetness from the seasoning added and a natural savory flavor as well. It’s easy and fun to eat – just pull a piece off and chew for a few seconds to unleash the flavors.



Glad I finally tried this before leaving.

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