Just a Sandwich at The Warming Hut

You know kids, sometimes a food experience is made special not just by what you’re stuffing into your face but by where you are and who you are with and how you feel on that day…. is something a wise old man would say and he would be right. A prime example that comes to mind is a wonderful day I spent walking around San Francisco with a relatively new friend, talking non-stop for literally 8 hours and getting to know her well enough to call her a good friend, a travel buddy turned welcomed guest wherever I happen to have a couch available. We walked from Pier 1 to Chrissy Field, out to halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge and back.

12In Chrissy Field we stopped and admired the glimpse into the quality of life of all the young’uns barbecuing and boozing outside with the impressive bridge towering into fog as their background. A breeze was blowing just enough to prompt us to zip our jackets up. The cool air actually felt nice after a long, painful summer in D.C. As we got closer to the stairs that lead to the bridge, I started to feel some hunger pangs and decided it was a good time to stop and have something to eat and to escape from the windchill for a few minutes before continuing our sight-seeing adventure.

Luckily a place called The Warming Hut happened to be right there for just that. Adorable though overpriced souvenirs, books and postcards, gift ideas to browse through while waiting for your food to be put together. The staff is not too friendly and the food is a bit expensive for what it is but on a prototypical vacation day like this, money and a bit of ‘tude are not things that can bring me down. I ordered a half-sandwich, while my friend got a cup of their chili (after we both tasted a generously sized sample of it). 

345I think my sandwich was called The Californian (or something like that) and it had thick slices of turkey curled up with hearty chunks of very ripe avocado, jack cheese, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and a nice, thick layer of whole grain honey-mustard on crunchy, chewy French bread. Normally I’m not a huge fan of turkey and I prefer my sandwiches pressed or toasted. But in this case those rules did not apply. The turkey was fresh and did not have that slimy film of liquid on its surface. The avocados and tomatoes stayed fresh and cool with the sandwich staying a cold one and the jack cheese retained its springy texture along with its sharp taste instead of melting and bleeding out its delicious grease. The honey mustard was awesome, adding tons of flavor, a floral heat, to every bite.

A sandwich I probably could’ve made for myself at home for about a third the price, one which did not stand out particularly in either the ingredients used (though they were all fresh) or the ideas behind it. Nonetheless, it hit the spot perfectly and fueled me in my further exploration of a beautiful city.

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