A Clammy Meal on Georges Island

Fried Clam Belly Roll and Cup of Clam Chowder at Summer Shack on Georges Island

I had to review this meal, as it holds a very special place in my heart. This summer (2011) I worked for Island Alliance and was therefore out on Georges Island almost every day. As the Summer Shack was 50% for Park employees, I ended up eating lunch there most of the time. My hands-down-favorite meal on days when I was VERY hungry was the fried clam belly sandwich with a side of clam chowder. The clams here are extremely fresh and the fried coating golden brown and crispy but not greasy or overpowering to the least. The cool, citrusy tartar sauce drizzled over the top brought out the murky, mushy deliciousness of the marine treat beautifully while the bun soaked up the very little oil coming left on the fried coating. The chowder was a fantastic side, the creamy base infused with clam-flavor, with hearty chunks of whole clam and potato mixed in. How I will miss these flavors….

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